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Discussions of emerging platforms and opportunities in the Crypto and DeFi SpaceContent to help you find the next 100x and 1000x opportunitiesSpam-free, agenda-free, open discussionsOur main focus is on finding and discussing the projects and protocols that will remain and thrive, even when all the hype dies down.First month free after our community launchesAfter that, be part of the community for only $20/month.

No more spammers promoting their shitcoins

Many discords and Reddit threads are full of scammers and those trying to promote their own projects. The point of our membership community is to provide a space for unbiased, open discussions about new opportunities.

Exposure at an Early Stage

You may feel like you are too late to the party when it comes to OlympusDAO or PancakeSwap, but The Yield Farmers will give you exposure to smaller, lesser-known projects, as well as these more established platforms.

Terra Luna

Terra Luna’s goal is to disrupt the digital payments industry, and they have done a fantastic job when it comes to building things that are grounded in the real world. Terra is building a blockchain, a bank, a better savings account, a payment processing system and many more things. But before all of that, the best place to start is by introducing you to UST and Terra's other stablecoins. ...

Pylon Protocol

Pylon Protocol is another project that forms part of the Terra Luna ecosystem. When you go to Pylon Protocol’s website (, one of the first things you read is “lossless investments”, which sounds like… some sort of scam or pyramid scheme. But, if you dig further into it, Pylon Protocol turns out to be a very interesting idea. ...


The creation of NFTs mean that gamers can now earn rewards that actually have monetary value. And NFTs also allow gamers to transfer objects between games. Imagine if you could buy a weapon in World of Warcraft, and then use that same weapon for your character in League of Legends. How cool would that be?! This is exactly what the Enjin ecosystem was built to do...

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